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Looking for Condo Insurance?

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Condo insurance (also referred to as an H0-6 policy) covers your condo unit where your condo association insurance stops. Your association typically insures the physical structure/building and other common areas.

Association by-laws vary, but condo owners are generally responsible for the interior of their unit, or from the drywall in. Things like your floors, walls, cabinets and fixtures that your association’s insurance likely doesn’t cover.

Getting a copy of those by-laws is a good idea so you can understand what your responsibilities are in the event of a claim. We can help you understand the fine print.

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Condo insurance for Condos / Townhomes

It’s important to understand that some townhomes are insured like condos, and therefore require an H0-6 policy.

If you live in a town-home, be sure that you have the correct type of insurance.

Cottle Insurance is here to help you understand the differences between a homeowners policy and a condo policy.

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With Condo Insurance from Cottle Insurance, you can extend your protection past that of what your condo community provides. It helps pay for the replacement of your personal belongings while offering basic liability to cover bodily injury or property damage.

And unlike Renters Insurance, Condo Owners Insurance covers any damage done to the interior of your unit. For any interior damage, your insurance may be used to pay for the expense of fixing or replacing items like drywall, flooring, light fixtures, and more.

A Condominium Insurance policy includes other great features like guest medical protection, which pays for the medical expenses of friends and visitors who are injured on your property.

In the event a fire or other disaster puts your condo out of commission, additional living expenses coverage may reimburse you for cost of temporary housing while your unit is being fixed.

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